Lessons from a Frog

You know how frustrating it is when something in your home is broken?  Nothing major, but just enough to grind you when you notice it and then you forget about it when you’re at the store where you can buy something to fix it and then you see it again at home and you’re like “RATS!!!!”  I KNOW – I hate that!  Well – that’s exactly how I feel about our leaky faucet in the garage.  I run the hose to water my hanging baskets from the garage, and every day I was getting a puddle in the garage.  As a quick fix, I put a bowl under the faucet to catch the water.  I was so proud to use my extensive domestic engineering skills and solve that pesky problem –  I even gave myself a pat on the back for being so inventive!

Last night, I went out in the garage and about jumped through the roof – there was a frog sitting in my water catching bowl!!  He wasn’t doing much, just sitting there looking at me and chilling out.  Then I remembered seeing a frog in our garage a few weeks ago…  Chances are that it is the same frog – and while we had all that sweltering weather, he spent his nights cools as can be in my water bowl, his own private pool.

Talk about taking lemons and making lemonade!  It’s a great lesson for all of us, even in our crafting.  Sometimes we mess up – we glue stuff down wrong, we get an ink mark on our page or put a sticker in the wrong spot.  Think of it as an Opportunity For Embellishment.  Let your BRILLIANCE shine!

Some of the greatest things in life are the unexpected pleasures that come from a bump in the road.  RIBBIT!!!!


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