The 3-D project from Family/Live Key

Well – if you thought I was finished with the Family/Love key after my mini-album from yesterday, think again!!  🙂  There are two more shapes on the key, one of them prints the word “Live” and the other makes a super cute little treat box.  I printed the treat box on colonial white cardstock (sized as recommended in the booklet) and stamped in outdoor denim using the stamps from the Scroll Album WOTG.  I used a few more of my extra accessories from the Pemberly WOTG for the finishing touches.

The awesome thing about the treat box die cut is that the Cricut cuts tick marks where you can score the box for perfect corner folds.  To score, I recommend using our bone folder (item  Z1204 $4.95) and our ruler (item number Z1471 $9.95).  Simply line your ruler up along the tick marks and slide the bone folder along paper.  Now you can fold your paper easily!  And, once you have your scoring complete, you can use the Assembly Guide that comes with your Artiste Collection to help you assemble the box properly.  It doesn’t get easier than this!

One more note on assembling 3-D items – regular old tape runner *does NOT* work!!  I originally used my Tombow to adhere the box, and when I went into my craft room the following day, the picture to the left is what I found.  EEEEKKKK!!!!

So, to avoid this craziness, I recommend using Bonding Memories Glue (item number 1512 $6.95 or Z553 $4.50).

Have a great day, everyone!!!  Make something Scraptabulous – because CUTE matters!




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