Manly Man Cards – is it ok to call them cute???

Yippee!!!  I’m turning over a new leaf.  In the past, I have declared myself to be a scrapbooker, not a card maker.  However, I know that every paper crafter has the skills to make layouts, cards, 3-D items – you name it, and us crafting divas have the ability to make it scraptabulous!  It’s just that some of us (ok – me, myself, and I) get stuck in a rut and then put our skills in a little box and label it “I scrap” or “I make cards” or “I do mini albums”.  WHY do we do this??  Because it’s comfortable?  Because it’s familiar??  Well, let me tell you, it can get B-O-R-I-N-G in that little box, ladies (even if it is one of those cute little boxes from Artiste!)!!!  So, I am BREAKING THE LAW and doing all different kinds of projects in the next few months.  Gonna spice it up, oh yeah, gonna get my craft on…  Truthfully, I’m a little scared about it, but as I always say (and my workshop ladies can say it with me) “There’s *no* wrong in scrapbooking!”

So here I go – a few cute MANLY MAN cards using my scraps from the Victory Workshop.  I could have made more, but I am taking a bold step and throwing away the rest of the scraps!!  Yes, it’s ok to throw away scraps!  I have reached my EQ (my “enough quotient” from Stacy Julian) with the Victory kit.  Six pages and three cards means that I have used this paper pack efficiently and now I toss the rest out and feel good about it!

Enjoy, my friends.  Still LOVING the exclusive WOTG stamp set!!  Make something SCRAPTABULOUS, because CUTE matters!!  (even in manly man stuff!)


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