Split Letter Monogram Tile Coaster Wedding Gift #scraptabulousdesigns #cricutexplore

Personalized Coaster Tiles with Cricut Explore

Happy Monday!!!!  🙂  It is gray and dreary here, so I have spent the day working on my next workshop.  I LOVE rainy summer days!

So – in the meantime, here is a fun project that I created using 4×4 tiles (from the local hardware store), a roll of cork (from Michaels), liquid glass (to adhere the cork to the tile) and black vinyl.  Of course, the most important part of the whole project is the Cricut Explore!!

Split Letter Monogram Tile Coaster Wedding Gift #scraptabulousdesigns #cricutexplore

Now, let there be no mistake – trying to weed 6 of these images was claw-your-eyeballs-out crazy and time consuming, but the end result was so worth it!  The bride told me how much she loved them a few weeks ago, so it totally made my day.  I really enjoy being able to share my love of crafting with those around me!

For a housewarming or girlfriend gift – you could just do a single name.  These make a unique, useful, and personal gift.  Pretty sure you can’t go wrong!

Monogram Tile S

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18 thoughts on “Personalized Coaster Tiles with Cricut Explore

  1. Linda Larson

    Those coaster tiles are so awesome!!!! How did you do the names on the coasters? I know it was done with the cricut , was it also done on the computer??

  2. Dana Post author

    Thanks, Linda! The names were cut with adhesive vinyl, so they just stick to the coaster. Some peeps put a sealant over them, but I don’t think its necessary. I used Cricut Design Space, the online software for the Explore. I just googled “split monogram font image”, found a J, and converted it to an .svg file (with Inkscape) so that I could cut it with the Explore. Once you import it into CDS, you can add the names, attach to the mat, and then just hit cut! 🙂 I think you can also buy a split monogram font – it’s easier that way because you don’t have to convert it.

  3. Twana

    I love doing crafts on cricut design space, but I have trouble with the split lettering especially the Regal Font, not wanting to split correctly, how do you convert it to svg file, I’m not very computer savy



    1. Dana Post author

      Hi Twans! I did not split the letter myself – I used one that had already been split. You can use Inkspace to convert the image to an svg. I am no expert, but it really is easy to do. There are lots of You Tube videos out there to show you how! You can do it!

    1. Dana Post author

      Hi Kristin! As long as you have the machine on the right setting, you should be able to use any Cricut machine to cut vinyl. It is simple and fun! 🙂

        1. Dana Post author

          If you are going to buy a Cricut, I would suggest the Explore or the Explore Air (same machine, just Air has built in bluetooth). Use the vinyl setting on the Explore – it is super easy!

          1. Kristin

            Do you need to buy cartridges for different fonts or designs? Or can you design your image online and or upload images and cut those on vinyl?

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