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Cuz CUTE Matters!!!!

So I just totally love when I can get a little crafty in a completely new way!  My son’s football team mom passed out some of those really LOUD horns – you know the kind, they sound like a foghorn and people blow them when their team scores a touchdown??  Yes, my dears – I have one of those simply awesome, obnoxious, and annoying horns in my possession.  You should all be afraid, very afraid…  But I digress…

The down side to these horns was that they just weren’t very cute.  And I really didn’t want to mix up my horn with someone else’s – I’ll keep my germs to myself, thank you!!  So, I made a quick trip to the craft store and here’s what my horn looks like now:

CTMH Cricut Artiste with Vinyl lettering on football horn #ctmh #football #diy #personalize CTMH Cricut Artbooking and Artiste with Vinyl lettering on football horn #ctmh #football #diy #personalize

I also cut the vinyl letters and football for three of my friends to personalize their horns.  We are going to be SO CUTE at the next game!!  Just a fair warning, you may want to sit far away from us….  It’s about to get a little loud up in here!!

Make something SCRAPTABULOUS – cuz CUTE matters!



Scraptabulous Binders!

So every school year I get a little excited when it’s time to personalize my kids binders and notebooks.  I love being able to use my craftiness in a different way!  Here is a picture of two binders for this school year. I was able to use scraps from my Sarita workshop and left-overs from the DreamPop paper packet.  Super Cute.  Super Fun.  Personalized.  Did I mention cute???

BindersMake Something Scraptabulous – because CUTE matters!For the green binder, I used Pattern 18 from the *NEW* Make It From Your Heart Vol. 2 (9042 $7.95) as my inspiration.  And of course, for both binders, I used Artbooking images!!  Can’t get enough of that Cricut cartridge!  🙂



Lessons from a Frog

You know how frustrating it is when something in your home is broken?  Nothing major, but just enough to grind you when you notice it and then you forget about it when you’re at the store where you can buy something to fix it and then you see it again at home and you’re like “RATS!!!!”  I KNOW – I hate that!  Well – that’s exactly how I feel about our leaky faucet in the garage.  I run the hose to water my hanging baskets from the garage, and every day I was getting a puddle in the garage.  As a quick fix, I put a bowl under the faucet to catch the water.  I was so proud to use my extensive domestic engineering skills and solve that pesky problem –  I even gave myself a pat on the back for being so inventive!

Last night, I went out in the garage and about jumped through the roof – there was a frog sitting in my water catching bowl!!  He wasn’t doing much, just sitting there looking at me and chilling out.  Then I remembered seeing a frog in our garage a few weeks ago…  Chances are that it is the same frog – and while we had all that sweltering weather, he spent his nights cools as can be in my water bowl, his own private pool.

Talk about taking lemons and making lemonade!  It’s a great lesson for all of us, even in our crafting.  Sometimes we mess up – we glue stuff down wrong, we get an ink mark on our page or put a sticker in the wrong spot.  Think of it as an Opportunity For Embellishment.  Let your BRILLIANCE shine!

Some of the greatest things in life are the unexpected pleasures that come from a bump in the road.  RIBBIT!!!!


Because Cute Matters…

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I have a new tagline: Make something Scraptabulous – because CUTE matters!  It may sound a little strange at first, so let me explain….  At our CTMH Dallas convention in July, we had the privilege of listening to the fabulous Stacy Julian as our keynote speaker.  I know – how lucky were we??  LOVE HER!!!  Stacy was so passionate and real, I could have listened to her all day.  (Tangent – she used to be a CTMH consultant, how cool is that?)  One of her points that resonated with me like a GONG was the simple phrase – Cute Matters.  Now, I’m not sure if it’s because of my chemical engineering background or the thriftiness that comes with being a stay at home mom, but my focus has always been on the basics.  Food, shelter, clothing.  Money is spent on things like a furnace or a roof and clothing for my growing kids.  In my mind, cute was a bonus, not a necessity.  It wasn’t until we sold our house last year that I realized how much cute matters!  I spent three weeks staging my home – I purchased all new bedding, drapes, rugs, lamps, and accessories.  After 13 years in our first home – I finally LOVED it!  And we sold it.  In three days.  Stacy talked about how when we see something cute, we *feel* cute!  Whether you focus on one wall in your home or an entire room, we all need to create our cute spot.  A place where your heart can be happy and you can feel special and creative and cute.  When we feel good inside, life is so much better!  So, in keeping with the phrase cute matters, I’m so excited to give you a sneak peek at one of our new home decor elements in the Autumn/Winter 2012 Idea Book – our Workshop on the Go Scroll Album Kit!!!!  Cute doesn’t have to take a long time or be expensive – this project will take you under 2 hours and is priced at $35.95!!

[singlepic id=26 w=320 h=240 float=none][singlepic id=24 w=320 h=240 float=none][singlepic id=25 w=320 h=240 float=none]


One week left….

Only one week until our BRAND NEW 2012/2013 Idea Book goes LIVE!!!  That means that we are going to have a ton of great new product, but in order to make room for it, we have to say goodbye to some of our favorites.  🙁  Be sure to check out the Retiring Items – place an order for your favorites through my website or email me with any questions.  Don’t forget our four super cute Paper Packs that are going away, too:

Footloose, Cruisin’, Lucy, Super Hero

All the workshops that I have created using these papers and embellishments can be found in my Artwork Gallery.  As always, when you purchase the workshop kits from me, my exclusive cutting diagram is FREE!


Yeehaw!! Back from Convention in Dallas!


Hanging out with fellow cruiser, Noreen Petty

Wow!  What a GREAT time we had in Dallas at the Close To My Heart annual convention!  It’s always awesome to connect with other consultants from across the country and share ideas, tips, and lots of laughs.  In addition, we received the 2012/2013 Fall/Winter Idea Book – I am AMAZED at all the great new products we have to share with you!!  As you all have heard by now (good news travels fast!), the biggest news if our brand new Cricut Cartridge Collection called Artiste.   It is going to blow your mind!!  I didn’t think we could top Art Philosophy, but they found a way to do it!  And, we will be carrying lots more home décor items so that your creativity and cuteness can be displayed all around your home.  I’m getting busy ordering all the new items and creating so that I can introduce it all to you at my Open House – stay tuned for times and dates!!!

Showing off our stars from the Directors Walk of Fame – with Rebecca Cross and Kristina Livingstone

My OUTLAW roomies – Julianne Deisch, Victoria Fage, and Sara Batkin