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Two Page Scrapbook Layout Shine Little Dreamer Unicorn Believe Baby Girl Be Yourself #ctmhlittledreamer #scraptabuloudesigns #scrapbooking #pagekits #cricutexplore

Little Dreamer – did someone say UNICORNS????

Holy Scrap-a-Moly!!  You guys – I totally hit a wall this weekend.  My body literally revolted and would not let me get out of bed.  You know how it is always so easy to tell others that they need to take of themselves while you continue running at full steam?  Well, for reals, I am living proof that you can only push yourself so hard before you collapse.  Friends, if any of you are in the same boat as I have been – please take some time to let yourself relax.  It’s so much nicer when you make the choice to chill rather than being forced to stay in bed!

I hope that ya’ll had a better weekend than I did – although, I do have to say that I had a great Mother’s Day!  I was almost brought to tears when my daughter walked into the restaurant with the card they decorated for me.  Aren’t they just the sweetest????

So – now that I am feeling much better and have a renewed focus on self-care, I would love to show you my latest workshop – Little Dreamer!

I have to admit that this kit is not something I would typically purchase (although, really – who doesn’t love a magical unicorn?).  So, I really tried to create bold layouts that will work for many different occasions.  With all the purples and pinks, this kit is a little more on the feminine side – but you can always use more of the blues and eliminate the pink to get a more gender nuetral look for a couple layouts.

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Two Page Girl Bling Fabulous Kaleidoscope Scrapbook Layout #ctmhkaleidoscope #cricutexplore #ctmhartistry #scrapbooking #girlpower #bling #scraptabulousdesigns

Bling it On – Kaleidoscope is Here!

Happy 2016!!!!  I hope you all had a SCRAPTABULOUS holiday season and spent quality time with friends and family.  Here are some photos of my family in our Christmas jammies!


I know I am quite a bit behind in my creating, so let me assure you that La Vie En Rose will be completed by next Friday, January 15, and Charlotte by Friday, January 29.

So – here we go!!  I hope you are ready for some BLING BLING and GIRL POWER, because that is what Kaleidoscope is all about!!  If you have a special girl in your life, then this kit is MUST HAVE!  Pastel colors, blingin’ gems, and an explosion of patterns and sweetness and fabulosity.  Perfect for dress up pictures, parties, or a collection of selfies!

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