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Two Page Spring Outdoors Butterfly Family Love Story Scrapbook Layout #ctmhchelseagardens #pagekits #cricutexplore #scrapbooking #scraptabulousdesigns

Chelsea Gardens – Come on, SPRING!!!

Happy 2018, all of my beautiful friends!!!!  I hope you all had a SCRAPTABULOUS holiday season and took lots of pictures!  Here is my tribe this year in our matching jammies.  

And, just like that – it’s life back to normal in the FRIGID north!  So, let me tell you how hard it was for me to work with Chelsea Gardens during our deep freeze…..  Don’t get me wrong, the papers are simply STUNNING, but they make you feel spring and warmth and I was pretty much in crabby patty mode wishing that I could skip right from Christmas to Spring! 

But, now that I finished this workshop, I have fallen in love with this kit.  I even have some perfect photos to use with it!!!  My goal for 2018 is to show ya’ll more of my finished work, which means that I actually have to print photos and get scrappy.  I am WAY excited to see if I am up for the challenge!  I totally went all in with the butterflies and colors in this kit, I didn’t even try to fight it and make it into something else.  Sometimes, you just gotta go with the flow.  For the last layout, I kept it all nuetrals and even included a large photo mat for an 8×10 family photo!  Lots and lots of options for this layout.  Continue reading

Two Page Scrapbook Layout Beary Christmas CTMH Holiday Family Merry Home #scraptabulousdesigns #scrapbooking #pagekits #cricutexplore #ctmhbearychristmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like BEARY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Oh my NOVEMBER!!!!  Seriously – where has time gone???  I hope you all had a Hauntingly Marvelous Halloween, because as you know, stores have gone from Halloween straight to Christmas!  I mean, there is some Thanksgiving stuff out right now, but it has been out for ages, hasn’t it??  

I have to say that I truly enjoyed working with our Beary Christmas papers!  Traditional colors and just enough whimsy to keep it cute and fun.  My daughter and I even had Christmas Bear pajamas last year, so I am thinking that I may use those photos on these pages!  I love it when things work out like that!!!! 

Don’t usually take a lot of Christmas pictures?  Then use these pages as inspiration for some special photo shoots this year or compile photos from Christmas’ past – how fun would that be?  As always, don’t forget the Flip Flaps if you take a bazillion holiday photos!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

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Two Page Fall Falling for You Pumpkin Thanksgiving Family Friends So Blessed Scrapbook Layout #ctmhfallingforyou #scraptabulousdesigns #scrapbooking #cricutexplore

Falling For You: Autumn Scrapbook Pages

It’s my FAVORITE time of the year – FALL!!!!  The trees are just beginning to change, football is in full swing, and the weather (minus that CRAZY heat wave) is getting cooler, just perfect for snuggling up in sweatshirts and blankets.  The holidays are right around the corner, too!  Lots of fun decorating and time to spend with those we cherish most, our friends and family.

Falling for You has the perfect colors for autumn and will work great for Thanksgiving, pumpkin carving, fall leaves, and outdoor activities.  I also created a fourth layout that is *not* necessarily fall themed, but still focuses on counting your blessings.

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Two Page Scrapbooking Layout Halloween Cats and Bats Fall Friends Wander Hike Party Kids #ctmhcatsandbats #halloween #scrapbooking #scraptabulousdesigns #cricutexplore

Cats & Bats & Parties – OH MY!!!

WOOOHOOO!!!  It’s September 1!!!  That means a BRAND NEW Holiday Expression from CTMH!!!  New specials, papers, accessories, stamps and a whole lot of GOODNESS!!!

I am kicking things off with my Cats & Bats Scrapbooking Workshop.  Now, if you are anything like me, I truly do not have the need for 4 Halloween layouts every year.  So, with this kit, I decided to make 1 layout for Halloween and the other 3 for parties, outdoors, and friends.  The colors are fun, gender neutral, and super trendy.


I used our BRAND NEW Cricut Collection – You are Here.  This cartridge is AWESOME and I am so excited for all the travel and every day images!

DANA’S SPECIAL:  Order the You are Here Cricut Collection from me during the month of September & I will send you a FREE paper pack ($9.95) of your choice!

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Two Page Scrapbook Kit Outdoor Adventure Teen Boy Masculine Camping Handsome Summer Hiking Axe Lumberjack #ctmhjack #scrapbooking #pagekits #scraptabulousdesigns #cricutexplore

Scrapbook your Outdoor Adventures with Jack!

Happy Summer, everyone!!  I can’t even believe it is almost August – it totally snuck up on me! Today I would like to share my Jack Scrapbooking Workshop, I am super excited with how these pages turned out!  These papers are perfect to scrapbook your summer adventures, even those rainy, chill-axing days or those extra long car trips…..

Now, if you look at the complements, you will notice that I chose not use the “Little Man” title pieces or PML cards.  If you have a Little Man in your life (even a furry one!), feel free to add these pieces back in.  My “Little Man” is 17 and taller than me, so I left them out on purpose. LOL

As always, don’t be afraid to turn some photos black and white or use a super cool filter!  And, I have been known to totally stage a photo shoot in colors that will match my layouts (think red plaid) when I love the papers!!!

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Two Page Scrapbook Layout Shine Little Dreamer Unicorn Believe Baby Girl Be Yourself #ctmhlittledreamer #scraptabuloudesigns #scrapbooking #pagekits #cricutexplore

Little Dreamer – did someone say UNICORNS????

Holy Scrap-a-Moly!!  You guys – I totally hit a wall this weekend.  My body literally revolted and would not let me get out of bed.  You know how it is always so easy to tell others that they need to take of themselves while you continue running at full steam?  Well, for reals, I am living proof that you can only push yourself so hard before you collapse.  Friends, if any of you are in the same boat as I have been – please take some time to let yourself relax.  It’s so much nicer when you make the choice to chill rather than being forced to stay in bed!

I hope that ya’ll had a better weekend than I did – although, I do have to say that I had a great Mother’s Day!  I was almost brought to tears when my daughter walked into the restaurant with the card they decorated for me.  Aren’t they just the sweetest????

So – now that I am feeling much better and have a renewed focus on self-care, I would love to show you my latest workshop – Little Dreamer!

I have to admit that this kit is not something I would typically purchase (although, really – who doesn’t love a magical unicorn?).  So, I really tried to create bold layouts that will work for many different occasions.  With all the purples and pinks, this kit is a little more on the feminine side – but you can always use more of the blues and eliminate the pink to get a more gender nuetral look for a couple layouts.

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Two Page Scrapbook Layout Live Beautifully Love Prom Wedding Baptism Us Together Family #ctmhlivebeautifully #pagekits #scrapbooking #scraptabulousdesigns #nsm2017

Live Beautifully – National Scrapbook Month Special!

It’s May!!!!  Can you believe it????  This time of year is completely INSANE in the MEMBRANE (insane in the BRAIN!) for me – so please bear with me as I roll out all of my new creations over the next few weeks!

Not only is it National Scrapbooking Month, it’s also the start of a BRAND NEW Seasonal Expressions Catalog!!!  WOOHOO!!!  I sure do love me some NEW stuff!  The first workshop to be released will be Little Dreamer by Friday, May 12.

So – on to the SPECIAL!!!  We are offering a Paper Pack, stamp set, and a (5) double page Pre-Cut Layout kit (called Cut Above) – all with the limited time only Live Beautifully papers!  I am so EXCITED to share them with you!  I actually PUT PHOTOS on  my layouts!!  Yes – I did!!  I actually SCRAPBOOKED!  Can I get a whoop whoop??!!??  Stay tuned to see them…..

Today, I would like to share with you my exclusive (5) Double Page Layout Kit featuring our special paper pack, Live Beautifully.  The Live Beautifully Paper Pack features 16 paper sheets; 2 each of 6 double-sided designs and 2 each of 2 single-sided gold foil designs. Continue reading

Two Page Hello Lovely Scrapbook Layouts Page Kits Together Beautiful Family Love Floral Spring #ctmhhellolovely #scraptabulousdesigns #scrapbooking #pagekits #cricutexplore

Hello Lovely Scrapbook Workshop – Why, Hello!!!!

Hello, my LOVELIES!!!!  I have to apologize for the tardiness of this workshop – I had the flu last week and it destroyed my timeline.  Next year, my family is going to FIRST IN LINE for the flu shot.  Losing a week to sickness is crazy town.

Hello Lovely is a gorgeous kit!  The colors are soft and feminine and I love how they blend with the gold and blush tones in the accents.   The thing I love most about these pages is that I feel like they will work with many different kind of photos – family, wedding, love, selfies, pets, relationships.  Say HELLO to Hello Lovely, this paper collection is a MUST HAVE!!!

So – having explained myself, let me just say that the Workshop Guide for Hello Lovely will be completed tomorrow, February 10.  You will get the link to the Guide (photos are loaded), and I will continue to add files as I complete them.  Page Kits have been ordered, but I do not yet have them in hand to start cutting – so they will be ready for shipping in 7-10 days.

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Two Page Layout Sugar Rush Scrapbooking Page Kit Love Ice Cream Baking Sweet Party Birthday #ctmhsugarrush #scrapbooking #pagekits #cricutexplore #scraptabulousdesigns

Get ready for a SUGAR RUSH! Brand New Scrapbook Workshop!

Happy 2017, everyone!!!  I hope you are all well and warm and full of creative ideas for projects to tackle this year. 

WHEW!!  I have had a crazy hard time getting things in gear around here.  However, I have FINALLY completed my work on the first of our NEW kits – Sugar Rush!  

Sugar Rush is super fun kit.  Now, I am not going to lie – Sugar Rush was my LEAST favorite kit in the new catalog.  It appeared a little too sweet and young for my taste and photos.  BUT, as so often happens, once I started to work with it – I LOVED IT!!  I tried to make these layouts more gender nuetral and created themes like Baking (no baking pictures?  GET ON IT!), Celebration (any kind), Sweets (ice cream, candy, SUGAR), and then Love You (Valentine’s, family, pet, friends).

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Two Page Christmas Holiday City Sidewalks Scrapbook Layout Page Kits #ctmhcitysidewalks #pagekits #scrapbooking #cricutexplore #scraptabulousdesigns

Christmas Scrapbook Layouts & FREE SHIPPING! Thank You!!

Happy Small Business Saturday, my friends!!!  Thank you so much for supporting me and my designs – you are all simply SCRAPTABULOUS and totally ROCK MY WORLD!  In honor of YOU – I am offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL of my IN STOCK PAGE KITS, including my brand new kit that I have to share with you today!  WOOHOO!!  Get them before they are gone – they will make PERFECT gifts for your scrapping friends and family!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I loved spending time with my family and today we are going to put some CHRISTMAS up here in da Kessler house!  WHOOP WHOOP – bust out the Christmas music, sip on some egg nog, and drive my kids completely insane while I reminisce about every ornament that I pull out of the box.  Ahhh, the holidays…..  LOVE!

City Sidewalks is such a great kit – you can hit everything from Christmas cards, getting your tree, decorating, baking traveling, family, gifts, and Christmas morning with these pages.  Check them out and see how they will work for you!  Remember, City Sidewalks is only available until December 31 or while supplies last.  Order yours quick so you aren’t sad!

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